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Big Fairy Tales

Dreamy Pastel Pencil In Sunshine Yellow From Big Fairy Tales By Schatar

Dreamy Pastel Pencil In Sunshine Yellow From Big Fairy Tales By Schatar

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Introducing the Dreamy Pastel Pencil In Sunshine Yellow: perfect for school, home or office!

🌈 UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION: Embrace the magical world of art with our Dreamy Pastel Pencil. Whether you're a young artist honing your drawing skills or an adult rediscovering your creative spark, these pencils will transport you to a realm of possibilities.

🌟 SMOOTH WRITING: Our pencils feature a smooth result that glides effortlessly on paper, providing an enjoyable writing experience for both children and adults. Writes in black. Pencils have never been this delightful!

✏️ VIBRANT PASTEL EXTERIOR COLOR: With a wide range of vibrant pastel options, our pencils bring life and charm to your creations. Explore endless combinations and watch as your drawings come alive.

🎉 VERSATILE: These pastel pencils are not just perfect for writing; they are also ideal for blending, shading, and highlighting. Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with various techniques.

🌈 INSPIRING: Designed with whimsy in mind, our Dreamy Pastel Pencil comes with a positive affirmation such as "Live Your Dreams". Perfect for school, home or office. 

Collect them all! Order yours now while supplies last before they are gone. Buy now and you will love it!!🎨
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